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The story of The Royal House of Athens is not just one story involved around The Royal House of Athens. There are numerous stories about the people in the royal house of Athens. King Cecrops chose Athens over Poseidon to be the god and protector of the city. The King was often depicted as half-serpent, but others said he was all human.

Poseidon- God of the sea, storms, and, as "Earth-Shaker," of earthquakes in Greek mythology. ·
Athena - Sprang out of Zeus's head full grown, and in full armor. Competed with Poseidon to rule Athens, and won ·
Cecrops - Cecrops (or Kekrops) was the legendary king of Athens (originally Attica) who was forced to choose between Athena and Poseidon as the patron deity of his city. ·
Apollo - He was the son of Zeus and Leto. Born on the island of Delos. Many call him the most Greek of all gods ·
Ares - Ares, the Greek god of war, is tall and handsome, but was as vain and as cruel as his brother Hephaestus was kind. ·
Aurora - Was the Goddess of the Dawn. She fell in love with Cephalus. Cephalus remained faithful to his wife and would not love her. ·
Creüsa - She was the sister of Procris and Orithyia. She also had an unfortunate life. A god came and made her have a child with her. ·
Erechtheus - King Erechtheus of Athens is said to be the king of when agriculture began. His two sisters were Procne and Philomela.

  • When Cecrops chose Athens over the Poseidon to be the god and Protector of the city, Poseidon got really angry because Cecrops chose the Athens over him.
  • Poseidon would often send floods to the city to punish Cecrops for chosing Athena over him.
  • Theseus told Philomela that Procne had died and asked her to marry him. Soon, Philomela found out the truth and threatened Theseus. Theseus cut out her tongue and imprisoned her.
  • Poseidon wanted the city, and to show how great a enefactor he could be , he struck open a rock of the Acropolis with his trident so that salt water leaped forth from the cleft and subsided into a deep well. Athen still did better
  • Athena made an olive tree grow there, the most prized of all the trees of greece.
Athens- The entire chapter takes place in Athens, Greece. Athens is the central place for Greek culture. The reason this chapter takes place here, is because it talks about when Cecrops has to pick either Athena or Poseidon to be the ruler of this town. When Athena won the battle Poseidon cursed the town and said it would never have enough water, this is true in Athens, .